Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hello summer - goodbye rain!

After weeks (and weekends) of non-stop torrential rain, the sun came out today as if to say "WELCOME SUMMER!"

Our garden is a little puny from too much water, but all of the plants welcomed the sunshine today.

We also put up the flag bunting, a sure sign of summer and our memories of summer fun - bike riding, winery visiting, picnics, etc. (Well, actually, Jeff put up the bunting and I supervised... Ha!)

While I'm on the deck writing this, I can smell freshly mowed grass and the birds are happily singing. All signs of the flash flooding we experienced the past few days are gone, and we all couldn't be happier! Thanks for showing up, summer!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Garden is coming along!

As all of our guests know, we try to provide farm-fresh, local foods whenever possible.  With our community's loss of Greene's Country Store, we have been building new relationships that will provide us with organic wholesome foods for our guests.

This year in our little pocket garden we've put in various varities of tomatoes - heirlooms, cherry, Roma, and others. Our peppers include sweet bell varieties, several hot selections, and your good old green and red peppers. We decided to try some squash this year as well.

Of course we have planted all of our "go-to" herbs, and they're starting to fill in (cilantro, parsley, rosemary, mint, chives, lavender, basil, sage).

Our attempt at various greens was foiled  last year by a voracious groundhog, so we didn't even try that this year. The rain has been making growing a challenge so far this year. We're hoping for more sunshine down the road.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Trip Advisor 2015 Certificate of Excellence

Wow, Thanks Everyone!!

Jeff and I, along with Chef John Richardson, would like to thank all of our guests who came to stay during our first year of operation for their incredibly nice reviews of our Inn.  It garnered us a 2015 Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor.

Jeff Comotto, Owner & Innkeeper Displaying Certificate

When we decided to purchase the property and open the Inn last year, we knew we wanted to provide a special and memorable experience for all of our guests who stayed here.  We really took that quite seriously as our mission. 

One important component of that was asking John Richardson if he would be interested in being the "Chef Extraordinaire", serving unique farm-fresh menu items for breakfast for our guests.  We were so happy he agreed to be a part of our weekend adventure, and we're thrilled that as we go full-throttle into year two, he's still a very integral part of the equation that helps us succeed in fulfilling our mission.  It goes without saying, that I'm thankful for Jeff being our resident weekday Chef.  He sometimes thinks he has big shoes to fill, but he really has done a great job in the kitchen (who doesn't love his cookies, too??)!

Another component which we feel has helped us along the way was asking our guests to let us know if we had forgotten something to make their stay a great experience.  Many of you told us things you thought might be helpful, and believe me, we listened.  So as we have gone along, we like to think that all of our previous guests are part of the reason everything seemed to "click" and work.

Having wonderful guests who were willing to share their experience with others through Trip Advisor was obviously the key component to getting the certificate (hopefully the first of many) awarded to us.  We truly appreciated each and every guest taking time out of their day to submit a review, and we do read each and every one.

Thanks, all of you, for making our first year in business so rewarding.  As individuals who travel quite a bit, we always relied upon Trip Advisor reviews ourselves.  It's sort of weird being on the other side of that now, but we really appreciate that you have shared your experiences with future guests.

Hope to see you all again soon!


Jeff & Chris Comotto