Monday, January 20, 2014

Remodeling the Master Suite & Bath

Remodeling a bedroom usually doesn't seem like too large of a project, right? But when it entails remodeling the attached bathroom, it can look a little daunting!

We began with removing all of the white wall-to-wall carpeting in the master bedroom. We originally thought we'd put in cherry hardwood floors, but have now opted for a lighter wood flooring -- an oak plank called Gun Stock.  It was felt that a lighter shade would open up the room to give it a more airy feel.

Hardwood choice in Gun Stock
The shades can vary by small degrees.

Below is the master area, now a work in progress.

What a mess! Ha!

The bath component is where we had many more decisions to make. The original bathroom had a closed room toilet, a double-headed shower stall with a glass door, and a single sink in an "L-shaped" white cabinet. The entire area was raised on a type of pedestal area.

Our first move was to take everything out and bring the entire bath and plumbing down to floor level.

We are putting in a corner, jetted tub, a double-bowl vanity, a shower, toilet with half wall, and a small closet.

The flooring in the bathroom area will be porcelain, an almond shade with variable patterning. We're considering some art tile in the tub area.  Hopefully the vanity will arrive this week!

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