Saturday, June 14, 2014

Missouri River Excursions opens up with inaugural float

New Defiance Activity -- River Rafting

Missouri River Excursions opens up with inaugural float in June.

Joe & Kelly Brazil of Defiance just opened up Missouri River Excursions right down the road from The Inn at Defiance.  Jeff & Nick Comotto took part in the float which follows the route that Lewis & Clark took over 200 years ago.  They chose to canoe the trip, but you can also rent kayaks or a large raft.  A shuttle service took them to and from the put in and pick up points.

Jeff & Nick Comotto with carp jumping out by their canoe

The group stopped on a sandbar for some R & R on the trip.  They thought it was really interesting to float the Missouri River because they had never floated on that body of water before. 

Nick heading toward a large airborne carp
They made it!
Guests who stay at the Inn are only one-half mile from Missouri River Excursions which is located at 2886 South Hwy 94 in Defiance, and can easily walk there from the Inn.

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