Sunday, April 19, 2015

DMA Charity Ride Day 5

The Uphill Battle

We started the day visiting the war memorial across the street and then going down to the Katy Depot and visitor center. We were greeted by Katie who was awesome giving us info about the area and the trail.

Then the real day began. The grade on the trail goes really uphill immediately after pulling out of the depot. This was an extremely hard stretch. It was nice to have each other encouraging us on.

The Highlights were:
- just making it to Pilot Grove for lunch at Deon's Bar & Grill 
- just making it to Sedalia without dropping dead
- the spa at the Bothwell Hotel and the AWESOME massage Chris had right after arrival
- the delicious dinner at the hotel restaurant
- laughing at Norm's bike seat (looks like a clown put a balloon animal on it)

Pics below:

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