Thursday, March 6, 2014

Booking at the Inn

Wow. Today was exciting. One woman called to book all four rooms for a weekend, with people in their group traveling from as far away as Paris, France!  Another call was from a guest who wanted to get away from St. Louis and stay two nights during the week after we open.

Obviously, after all of the "out-flow" we're experiencing as we get ready (remember that Tom Hanks movie, "The Money Pit"??!!), some income is very welcomed at this point (and needed....ha!)

This has been a very time-consuming, brain-draining, and hard-working journey for both of us; but we are trusting that all will work out.  Everyone asks Jeff what retirement feels like, and we just laugh! He's traded one 12-hour day for another (with a very demanding boss --ha)!

We have really appreciated all of the help our friends and family have given us in preparation for opening, (especially Chuck Havener, Jeremy Collins, and Nick Comotto), and for getting the word out about the Inn to others. Thanks SO much!

We feel that to have eleven room nights booked prior to being opened is a good sign. We have BnB Websites, Reservation Nexus, and Google Search Engine to thank for that!

It's going to be open before we know it! Stay tuned for the journey! 😃

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