Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Floor Refinishing

Have you ever looked at your older wood floors wishing they looked better? Well now you can get the look of professional refinishing, but at a fraction of the cost!

At the Inn we were challenged with the fact that the older part of the building has wooden floors that are 111 years old, and there are 20-year old floors in the entryway and gathering space. These floors were very worn. We wanted to maintain the original floors, but the cost to have the floors all refinished was too costly, and we thought it might change the look of the floors. So we looked around for something good that we could do ourselves.

We found a product at Home Depot that helped us keep the original character of the floors while not breaking the bank. The product was called Rejuvenate. First, you use their cleaning product with a microfiber "bonnet" that fits over a sponge mop head. After the cleaning step, you do the finishing step, using another microfiber bonnet over a clean sponge mop. The cleaning step needs about 45 minutes of drying time. The refinishing step needs about one hour to dry, and two hours between coats.

We chose the high gloss finish for the older floors, and a satin finish for the newer floors. What a difference!! We were so happy with the results (see the half completed results below).

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