Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We've joined as a member of Historic Missouri Wine Country!

Historic Missouri Wine Region

Mention going to a winery or a wine region to the majority of people, and the first thing they seem to think of is Napa.  But what most people aren't aware of is that Missouri was the first federally-approved American Viticultural Area in the country (AVA).  This happened a full eight months before Napa became the second approved viticultural area.

So what's so special about Missouri's wine region?  Plenty.  The new Historic Missouri Wine Country organization exists to tell what's special and let people know what they've been missing.  Defiance, Missouri is at the gateway to Missouri's Historic Wine Region. 

Businesses who are part of this association are recognizable by special signs posted outside their business like ours below.


For more information on Historic Missouri Wine Country, go to their site:
Historic Missouri Wine Country

To read more about our local Defiance Wineries, visit:
The Inn at Defiance - Wineries

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