Saturday, June 28, 2014

Chef John celebrates his birthday at the Inn

The guests love Chef John so much that they brought him birthday gifts!
He was given some vintage cookbooks along with other items. It'll be fun to see what he cooks up!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Stained Glass Window in our Lounge, "The Stable"

Mike Comotto creates beautiful stained glass piece for The Stable Lounge

We have a bay window in the lounge, "The Stable"; and while it housed a beautiful bust of a Clydesdale, it needed something.

Mike Comotto, Jeff's brother, is an artist with stained glass.  He has been creating pieces for many years, but mostly for family, friends, and charities that he's involved in.  Mike unveiled a beautiful recreation of our son Jason's logo for the Inn's robes and other wearable items.

The stained glass piece is actually in 3-D, the grapes are clustered and stand out.  It's encircled by a large grapevine wreath, and hangs in the bay window.

The sun sets to the west at an angle behind the stained glass piece, making it really glow in the early evening.

Thanks, Mike, for a wonderful addition to the Inn at Defiance!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Missouri River Excursions opens up with inaugural float

New Defiance Activity -- River Rafting

Missouri River Excursions opens up with inaugural float in June.

Joe & Kelly Brazil of Defiance just opened up Missouri River Excursions right down the road from The Inn at Defiance.  Jeff & Nick Comotto took part in the float which follows the route that Lewis & Clark took over 200 years ago.  They chose to canoe the trip, but you can also rent kayaks or a large raft.  A shuttle service took them to and from the put in and pick up points.

Jeff & Nick Comotto with carp jumping out by their canoe

The group stopped on a sandbar for some R & R on the trip.  They thought it was really interesting to float the Missouri River because they had never floated on that body of water before. 

Nick heading toward a large airborne carp
They made it!
Guests who stay at the Inn are only one-half mile from Missouri River Excursions which is located at 2886 South Hwy 94 in Defiance, and can easily walk there from the Inn.

Monday, June 2, 2014

It's Friday Night at the Movies June 6th in Defiance

The Yellow Farmhouse Winery across the street from the Inn is showing "The Sapphires" this Friday night, June 6th.

Admission is free, and yes, you can bring a picnic basket even though many are discovering the great Pizza served up by Piazza Deli up to movie time.  There's munchies like chips & salsa, Piazza Deli Cookies, and free popcorn. There is a big selection of Yellow Farmhouse Wines, Beer, soda and soft drinks. You can even bring your dog!