Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Snowbirds in January - Week 3

This was a long leg of the trip, as we drove back past Jupiter (hi Cardinals!) and further south.  Our next destination was:

Key West.
Wow.  We had no idea it took so long to get from Miami all the way to the end of the Keys, but it does.  Just about 4 hours of driving from point to point, but on two-lane roads with very little ability to pass.  We drove through Key Largo, Marathon, all of these places we've heard and/or read about, but had no clue what they looked like or where they were. We were supposed to meet friends at the airport in Key West to bring them to the condo we rented together; but.... we found we couldn't fit them in the car because of all of the stuff we (make that Chris) packed.  Plus, driving in on a Sunday with all of the slow-paced Sunday drivers made it impossible to get there on time.

Of course, we were in for a surprise.  We hadn't looked up any information really at all on Key West.  We knew Hemmingway had lived there and written there.  We knew Jimmy Buffett sang about it.  We knew it was supposed to be a laid-back place.  What we didn't know was that it was a mix of Bourbon Street meets Beale Street.

We tried to take in as many sights as possible, ride bikes around the entire Key, hit all of the popular restaurants in the tourist guides, go to Smather's Beach and Higgs Beach, and the Southern Most Point, along with the Hemmingway House and Truman's Little White House. One of the best things is going to Mallory Square to celebrate Sunset -- which we did! Funniest Bar is Captain Tony's (need lingerie? Ha!).  First time I've sat next to a tombstone in a bar!

After a week watching the sunsets from Key West, we again packed up the car for the next leg of our trip.  Funniest moment in Key West -- standing in Mallory Square and running into six other people from Defiance!  Seriously!

"It's a Long Way Down to Holiday Road....."

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