Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Snowbirds in January - Week 4

On the long road back through the Keys, we stopped in Marathon to meet up with our friends from Defiance for lunch (you'd think we'd do that more regularly when we're all in our home town!  Ha!)  Our next leg of the trip took us through areas that had numerous roadside produce stands.  Jeff bought three avocados as big as your head, a papaya that could have doubled for a soccer ball, and a mango that was enormous.  We happily loaded our goodies into what little space was left in the back of the car and drove on to:

Bonita Beach.
We have a good friend who has a condo in that area, so we luckily stayed in the perfect area right across from the beach.  Phil (our friend) took us to an interesting afternoon in Goodland for the Mullet Festival at Stan's Idle Hour and crowning of the Buzzard Queen.  It was seriously fun (although the smoked Mullet -- the FISH not the hairdo -- was not very good.  Must be an acquired taste).

Some of the best things that week were just riding bikes to Barefoot Beach and canoeing at the Barefoot Beach Preserve, watching the sunsets at Doc's Beach House, going out on a boat and seeing dolphins and other nature, meeting up with some of Jeff's AB retiree friends for dinner, and just relaxing on the beach.

After seven whole nights in Bonita Beach, we said good bye once again and headed to:

Seminole Florida
We were so blessed to have a couple stay with us at the Inn last summer for a long-term stay.  We became friends in the interim with Larry & Donna, and they invited us to spend the evening at their house and enjoy the Super Bowl game at their home with friends.

After a fun-filled day and night with Donna & Larry and their friends, we woke the next morning to take on the sad task of driving back INTO THE COLD of the Midwest.

Was being a Snowbird fun?  You bet it was.  Maybe we'll try it again next year!

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