Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A full house with plenty of surprises!

Our first full house of guests and a surprise visit

What a wonderful weekend we had at the Inn!  It was our first full house of guests.  It was nice meeting everyone and we had one really great day of weather (Saturday).  The Defiance Car Show on Sunday was cut short due to weather, but other than that all went well.  Many of the Plein Air Artists were painting in and around Defiance that day prior to the storm, and there were beautiful paintings!

Our big surprise....
During breakfast as I was getting the coffee and Jeff was pouring water, a HUGE dog came running through the kitchen!!!  Seriously!  My first thought was, "did someone check in and bring in a dog later??  We're a Pet-Free Facility!"  The guests thought, "Oh, the owners have a dog!" 

Apparently one of the guests didn't close their exterior door all of the way and had also left their interior door open.  The delicious smell of Chef John's breakfast wafting out in the air brought this Saint Bernard mix following its nose right into the kitchen!  After everyone recovered from the "what the heck is going on" minute, we were able to coax the dog out of the Inn and back outside.  At least it was a friendly dog!  Ha!

Full House at Breakfast
Needless to say, the dog wasn't invited back....

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