Thursday, May 1, 2014

Our Big Red Barn

Big Red Barn Project

Our Barn Project is in full swing, thanks to Nick Comotto. After months of clearing debris (both in and out of the barn), hauling trash and other unwanted items to recycling centers & dumps, giving away wood and odd items, clearing brush, and numerous other needs/tasks, the project is taking really great shape.

We have a bride who inquired about getting married at the barn this fall, so Nick is handling this aspect of the Inn for us (research, legal aspects, planning, county codes, remodeling, construction, and setup for the entire structure as a possible event/entertainment venue). We really don't know what we'd do without him handling this for us -- it's been such a relief for us to have him spearheading this project as we've been busy with other aspects of the business.  A shade garden is being planned and installed behind the barn as well, using the original stones which served as the foundation for the original barn.

Below are some of the photos

Front of Barn

 Left Side Angle of Barn
Garden Path Created Behind Barn
Right Side Angle of Barn

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