Sunday, February 9, 2014

Getting furniture for the lounge -- "The Stable"

It's a little hard to decide what to put in the lounge and several factors come into play -- how much room, how many people you want to be able to relax in there, etc.

After looking at furniture at several different stores, we found the perfect pub tables, bar stools, and a portable bar (unfortunately my photo of the bar didn't turn out so well) at Watson's.  Our goal is to have guests enjoy a complimentary beverage in the lounge after they check in.  We'll have a flat screen, wall-mounted television in there as well as a comfy chair or two.

The stools are pub table height, two to a table.  They are REALLY comfortable!

The table is wooden, with a roped trim around the edge. 

We really think guests will enjoy sitting here, relaxing and unwinding in the room Jeff has nicknamed "The Stable", as a "nod" to the Clydesdales.  After 27-years with Anheuser-Busch, he had to do something AB related with the lounge.  And who doesn't love the Clydesdales??!!  Our hope is to have them all ready by the first week of March.

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