Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kitchen Countertops Installed

Yep, during that nasty icy rain yesterday our countertops were installed in the kitchen. The guys at Aphrodite Granite were awesome!

For the L-shaped part of the kitchen, we got granite in a Venetian Gold pattern. We liked this color/style because the brown veining with the small garnets throughout give it a warm feel, and the color easily blended with the ceramic tiles and cabinets (which were already there).

For the kitchen island that houses a downdraft cooktop, we selected a different color of granite to set it apart as you would with a centerpiece of furniture. The color, unfortunately, escapes my mind at the moment; but it has a beautiful dark pattern with a great sheen. Since the room was so light, using these two separate colors we were able to bring a depth to the room. We chose an ogee edge - we like the finish and the way it looks.

Next up is new hardware for the cabinets and new appliances, then tiled backsplash.

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