Friday, February 14, 2014

Shower tile patterns

Shower tile patterns come in so many different styles. We were so very fortunate to have Ed Hausner doing the tiling for us and guiding us in selections.

We had bought quite a bit of one tile pattern (an almond porcelain tile -- porcelain does really well in wet environments like bathrooms). In two of the bathrooms we used this as the base tile, then mixed it up with glass tiles to give it a reflective sheen in spots.
This (above) is the shower in the Vidal Blanc Suite. There will be a coordinated tile to the right of this arounded the jetted tub area (not shown -- still in progress).

This (above) is the shower tile in the private bath of Cab's Corner. The dark squares shown are varied pieces of glass. Since this bathroom also has a window, it really reflects well.

The shower above in the private bath for Riesling's Retreat consists of plank tile in a weathered barnwood color. Tile imitating wood is a very interesting trend right now. Ed took it and created this shower to look like a barn door. We all joked that it sort of looked like an outhouse! The guys laughed and wanted to incorporate a half moon in the tile, but we thought that might be a bit over the top - ha!

Overall, the best thing about these particular showers are that today's grout protectant allows you to clean with ease, and that was a big draw for us. We all want clean showers. Having interesting patterns in there is a bonus!

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