Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sitting area in The Vidal Blanc Suite

When you stay in a suite, you really like to have room to spread out.  For this reason we decided to put a sofa with a coffee table in the room to create a sitting area.  This sofa is actually a sleeper as well, so that way an additional guest can be accommodated in the room.

This sofa was truly comfortable, cleans easily, and just had a very warm look about it.

We haven't decided upon the color scheme for the room yet, so not sure on the pillows in there.  We really liked the coffee table, too - and there is a matching end table.

It's funny when you are furnishing a house, but it's not furniture that you are going to get to use yourself.  You want it to be functional and nice; and at some point you wonder if you are going "too nice" on things.  Our goal was to furnish the Inn with things we would like to have if we were the guests.  After having stayed at numerous Bed & Breakfasts over the years, we just went for what we liked ourselves. So... it's slowly coming together.  This furniture will be arriving the first week of March.  Yippee!!

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