Monday, May 19, 2014

A Weekend for Weddings!

Wedding Guests & Honeymooners

This weekend was pretty exciting at the Inn.  We had a group in town for a friend's wedding.  All of the women had been on the Washington University's 2001 Lady Bears Basketball, Division 3 National Championship Team.  The wedding was that of their teammate, so they came in from out of town to be at the wedding.

2001 Wash U Lady Bears National Champs - Wedding Guests

The guests were picked up by Norm Keller with his Limo Service.  Norm owns The Parson's House, a bed & breakfast a few blocks away from us.

Norm Keller with his limo service

After the wedding guests checked out, we had our first Honeymooners! 

This wonderful couple had chosen to stay with us on their wedding night.  We felt very honored to have them as our very first honeymoon guests! 

 It was a very eventful and a very fun weekend. 

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